Review 360, Collaboration & Rise 360

Aug 02, 2019


I am currently working a remote project with 3 ID's. Each ID is designing specific elements for the same course using Rise and Storyline. However, we are having issues accessing each others content.

We are attempting to add specific Storyline content to Rise. While we have no issue adding the content we created via our individual accounts, we are unable to access our Review 360 content.

Is it possible for one user to access and manipulate another Review content when adding Rise blocks, or should we look to an alternative option?

Can you please provide some additional feedback.



thank you


William Drayton



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Alyssa Gomez

Great question, William!

It sounds like each instructional designer has been added as a collaborator on this Rise 360 course, is that right?

When you want to embed content in a Storyline Block,  you'll only see the Storyline 360 content that you published under your own Articulate ID. You won't see Storyline 360 content published by other authors.

Whoever originally published the Storyline 360 content to Review 360 should add the Storyline block in the Rise lesson.

Let me know if that answers your question!