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Feb 03, 2020

Good afternoon, 

The notice I received states that the Rise 360 Update scheduled for April 6th, 2020, will prevent the embedding of Rise 360 content using a share link.  Users will need to Publish their course for Web.  

My question is, and sorry if it has an obvious answer as I am not real good with computers...  Is this saying that I will no longer be able to share a course link in an email or on a spreadsheet for users to access if they are not in an LMS or a specific web site?  

I ask because many of our users cannot access our LMS because they are contracted by our department not employed. In addition, I often share the link for others to get quick access for review or to watch videos that are too large to email.  

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Bridget! Sorry for the confusion.

This change will impact you only if you've used an iframe to share your Rise 360 course on another website, like this: 
<iframe src="https://rise.articulate.com/share/1234567abcdef"></iframe>

The Share link will continue to work as a hyperlink in emails, documents, and websites. You're good to go!

Let me know if I can help further.

UNF Technical Trainer

Hi Crystal,

I'd like to circle back because I have the same question as Bridget. We have an external user group, too, and from the sound of the .jpg notification -- even when I re-read it now -- it seems to suggest that our hosted content is NOT going to be available at the original web link we use to publish the course.

This is such an important point, because either we lose access to content - including HIPAA compliance training - or we don't. It's really important that we get it right [smile] so thanks in advance for your help to clarify that as long as we're not using and iframe (which we're not) no other changes are going to potentially impact the availability of our online courses.

We will be able to continue to share courses using our existing course URLs indefinitely, correct?

Thank you so kindly for confirming this important and highly-nuanced point,

Angie Taylor

Crystal Horn

Hi Angie! I understand the need to be ultra-clear, and I'm happy to help.

You're right that you can continue to use the same Share link to point folks to your content. The change we're making only impacts that link if you're embedding it using an iframe. You will be able to use the existing URLs indefinitely, otherwise.

Melinda Roberts

Hi Karl.

We have fixed it - we have a custom post type in wordpress and I did not
think it was served in an iframe but it indeed was. We have since uploaded
courses to AWS and used the index links and all looks well!

Thank you for responding so promptly, I had a small heart attack but
everything is fine now. :)



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