Rise 360 Course Doesn't Load

I have been trying to start a new course in Rise 360, however, the screen has been sitting at "Your course is loading." for an extremely long time. I have refreshed, had colleagues try and they are getting the same result. Is the website experiencing problems? This is not a course that has any content in it yet so it should not have a problem loading. Any ideas?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Brielle! Thanks for letting us know what's going on. 

Our status page shows that all systems are operational, so you shouldn't have any issues creating a new Rise 360 course.

You had the right idea to open a case. My colleague, Anna, is taking a look as we speak! She'll reach out to you soon to gather more information from you. Keep an eye out for an email from her. 😊

Irina Poloubessov

Hi Brielle,
I have the same issue and support has answered me:
"Before we received similar issues where loading a Rise content takes time. The cause of it was, the content had a history of having pasted images. Now that method is not allowed by design."

Meaning, paste-in images into the text paragraph elements (and not using the Rise own image blocks)