Rise 360: Customizing LMS Course Info ID when updating content and publishing new SCORM file

Feb 02, 2022

When publishing courses in Storyline, it's possible to customize the LMS Course Info ID so issues with updating content with a new SCORM file are minimized. In Rise 360, this isn't the case. It could be a possibility that I've not found the option to customize the LMS Course Info ID in Rise 360. 

When my collogues and I have had to make updates to our Rise 360 content, it's a 50/50 chance that we'll be able to upload that new Rise 360 SCORM file successfully and retain the history of those who completed the prior version. It it doesn't work, we're forced to create a "new course" in the LMS and the history tied to the prior version is not linked to the "new course." 

How can I modify the Rise 360 LMS Course Info ID when updating content and publishing a new SCORM file? 

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Karl Muller

Hi Michelle,

Rise does not have a course information page for use by course developers like SL does. It is a much needed feature.

We have found that when you change the structure of a Rise course by adding and/or deleting Lessons, and you upload the new SCORM to the LMS that the previous student data will not load.

This happens because the structure of the old student history data no longer matches the new course structure. In these cases you have to treat the edited course as a new course.

Michelle Mata

Thanks Karl! I was pretty sure I had checked all of the settings. Yes, this is definitely a much needed feature in Rise 360. We have some SMEs that absolutely love the look and feel of the Rise UI, yet when I explain how future updates to the course will result in reporting limitations and inaccuracies, the tool becomes less attractive.