Rise 360: how to set a quiz to allow skip section if passed

Feb 23, 2023

Hi, I am creating a basic math class for adults on Rise 360.

I want to provide a knowledge check for learners to take before the first section of the course because so easy and does not require them to go through the whole section if they pass the quiz.

If they pass, the continue button would go to the next second section. If they fail, then they need to complete the quiz-covered section and then go to the next section to complete the whole course. 

Is there any setting or trigger to achieve my idea? 

Thank you. 

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Kelly Auner

Hi Mandy,

Thanks for reaching out!

This kind of branching is not yet a feature in Rise. We currently have a feature request logged for the ability to branch to other lessons and learning paths, so I’ll go ahead and include your voice. We’ll update this discussion if this feature makes it on our feature roadmap.

In the meantime, you may want to explore our scenario block in Rise. It's not triggered by quiz results but by options that the learner chooses. I hope this helps!

Kevin McGrath

Hi Kelly,

I was looking for the same functionality in Rise. The test-first method is desirable in building my modules - if they pass the test they skip the content, if they fail the test they navigate through the content and take the test again at the end to complete the course.

Please let us know if this becomes possible.

Many thanks!