Rise 360 Labels to cater for multiple languages

May 25, 2022

We have courses that is done in multiple languages in Rise 360. 6 different languages in 6 different Rise content.

After around 5-6 years, our management wants to combine all languages together. Tracking is based on Track using course Completion by % for separate courses.

They have all this while been using Rise 360, and our learners are educated to navigate on Rise 360.

This is what I suggested to our management:


Tracking is based on 1 storyline block that can customised to put in multiple languages.

Concerns in Rise 360:

  1. Labels can only go with 1 course. Any ways to set labels with different languages in 1 course?
  2. Menu – can we choose to omit certain topics? So that it will not show “Storyline block” (as video sample above).

Also if Menu can see the different languages of the same course, it defeats the purpose of showing the progress of the learning to the learners.

I have also checked on this link, which does not have solution also.


Any other ways to go about that?

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Karl Muller


Question 1:

You can have only one label set with one language in a Rise course.

Students cannot choose their preferred language label set.

Question 2:

If the sidebar menu is open, you cannot omit or hide certain topics.


There are many threads in the forum on this topic, and suggestions I've seen have been to disable the sidebar and completely lock down navigation.

Then use button blocks to allow students to choose the language of their choice, and also use button blocks to help them navigate the course.

While this approach could work, you are still stuck will labels in one language.