Rise 360: Link to Resource Doc's link Storyline does?

Mar 03, 2022

I am creating my first Rise course (have always used Storyline) I see that the embedded links in Rise need to be to an http url, which won't work. In Storyline I can use the Resource Doc's to open files that are on our SharePoint site. Is there a way to do this in Rise? 

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Michael Semmler

I have a similar problem. When viewing a Rise course in a Chrome browser, links to our business documents open when the file is a .pdf but do not open (or give the option to download) when the file is a .docx.  Pasting the .docx link into the browser address bar works as expected but the link does not work when added to a Rise course.

When running the course in an Edge browser the links work as expected.

My work around is to host copies of the .docx files as .pdfs but this not ideal.

Can someone please share your experience with this?