Rise 360: Need to trigger Continue block from a Button linking to a URL

Sep 22, 2021

Hello ELH,

For learners to be marked complete in our system, I need to insert a link in the course that communicates with the LMS to mark a course complete. The learner needs to click the link at the end of the course. To ensure this link is clicked, I added a Continue Block and turned on "complete block directly above". However, I noticed that this button will not trigger the continue block, I am guessing because it's going to an external URL which can't be tracked. 

What do you guys suggest? I need to ensure the user clicks the button, and that they don't forget, and was hoping the continue block would alert them that they didn't complete everything. 

Thank you.

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Laura Stark

Hi all, 

Nvmd. I found out I need to create a SL block in SL360 that contains a button, with a trigger to mark course complete when user clicks this button (plus a trigger for the button to go the URL to mark the learner complete).  Turn off navigation, and publish to preview. Then I import this interactive SL block, and set the Continue block to have the user complete the block above. That worked. Thanks @daveanderson for the video on how to do this (https://training.articulate.com/videos/rise-360-storyline-block)