Is there a way to force users to click on a link before moving to the next section?

Sep 07, 2021

I need to ensure that our users access a policy and I want to link to the policy as that way the user would always be accessing the current version.

If you link in text and add the Continue bar with the "must complete content to continue" they just need to scroll past all the text to continue.

The only way I have come up with is to build a Storyline product that doesn't allow the user to move to the next slide without clicking on the link, then add the Storyline block to Rise. And adding the "must complete content" bar.

Thanks in advance

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Judy Nollet


You don't need a separate SL block for each link. Just create a SL file with your 5 links. Require the user to click each link in order to get to the end of the SL file. 

To complete the SL, you could put a "Complete course" trigger on the last slide. Then, when you publish it to Review, indicate that tracking should be done via the completion trigger. Or you could just track the SL completion via the number of slides viewed.