Hide/Show quiz based on content completion

Dec 15, 2022

Hi there - does anyone know of a way to add a qualifier to a quiz? User must complete all the content before the quiz is available/visible?  I have the continue button already set to not reveal the next thing until a user completes the content above, but unfortunately with the restrict navigation set to off it allows a user to bypass the continue button feature by skipping ahead to the quiz. I need to keep the navigation window open and not restricted, since we want users to be able to return to review after completion in our LMS if they have a section they need to review. For some reason when we do this with the navigation restricted it locks them out from being able to review.  

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Natalie! Your experimentation with the restricted navigation was the first thing I was going to recommend. 

Once completed, your LMS may be treating visits to the course as "new" attempts, and is discarding the data that lets learners keep their progress. Until the course is completed, however, restricted navigation will allow your learners to revisit previously completed lessons. I hope that's what you've seen!

The only other alternative I would offer is to create your quiz in Storyline, and restrict it with a continue block in the same lesson. Here's more information about tracking Storyline blocks for completion!