Rise: Restricting navigation AND Complete Activities Above Blocks - Learners who go backwards can't return

May 24, 2023

I've got a Rise 360 course where my client would like learners to be able to see the menu, but not jump forward using the menu. They also need learners to complete all activities in each lesson. 

I have set up the course so that there is a Continue button at the bottom of each lesson, with settings set to Complete All Blocks Above, and I've set the Theme Navigation to be On and Restrict Navigation On.

A problem has now surfaced that a learner navigated backward to a lesson that he had already completed, but he is not able to move forward to get back to where he was before he went backwards. He is now being forced to go through content he has already seen, because the restricted Theme Navigation seems to only allow him to freely go backward. (It's almost like his forward progress was erased to the point where he moved back.)

We don't want learners to be able to move freely forward to lessons they have not gotten to, so we need navigation to be restricted, but is there a way to set navigation up so that they can move around freely within the lessons that they have already completed? 

Thanks for your help!

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Kristine! Thanks for reaching out.

I'm sorry to hear that you are encountering issues with regard to the navigation of your Rise course. Are you getting the same behavior when you preview the entire course or if you publish it to Review 360?

I've created a sample Rise 360 course and toggled the Restrict Navigation to ON. Then I placed a Continue block at the end of each lesson set to Complete All Blocks Above. I tested the published output in Scorm Cloud and I'm not experiencing the behavior you reported. Here's the link to the sample course in Scorm Cloud for reference.

You may also Test your course at SCORM Cloud and see if you'd be able to replicate the behavior. If the issue persists in SCORM Cloud, I would suggest opening a case here so that our Support Engineers can take a look and determine our next steps.