Rise 360 needs a "large" option for images, interactions, etc.

I find that in my Rise courses, the "Medium" size is too small, but the "Full width" setting is too large to fit in a single view (without scrolling). We need a "Large option" that falls somewhere in between the medium and full options. I have played around with browser window size, zoom functionality, text size in screen shots, etc., but there is not an ideal size here. The import of a Storyline slide/project in the "Storyline interaction" option is entirely too small with "medium". The attachments (Screen 1, Screen 2) are screen shots of a single imported picture, which requires scrolling down to see the entire image. I get the same result with a Storyline interaction (slide) import. My screen resolution is set at 100%, and I'm using Chrome. I get the same view results with Firefox, Edge, and Explorer. I cannot further enlarge font sizes and still fit what I need on a single slide.

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