Rise 360 Scenario Block Issues

Dec 18, 2023

I am attempting to create a scenario using the Rise Scenario Block and am not finding it to be particularly user-friendly.

I located this instructional video from when it was first released but the block is not functioning as explained in the video.


First, the video states that you can start from scratch by deleting the initial scene and shows both "Delete" and "Duplicate" as options. I am only seeing "Duplicate" as an option. The video also shows that when selecting to choose a background from the 360 Content Library, there are pre-sorted scenario-ready images. When I select the 360 Content Library, I do not get those pre-sorted images. I can only search, which does not easily produce scenario-ready background images. 

Have there been changes to the Scenario block that have removed these functionalities? Not even being able to easily find a suitable background has led me to a hard stop on continuing to develop a scenario.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Hello April, 

I'll remove that older video from Youtube since it's over four years old and no longer represents the feature as you noted.  

Ginger recorded a webinar that is more detailed which you can view here. Although we just changed the UI a little. In the resource page for Ginger's webinar you'll see some links to some scenario type images.

Is there a specific type of background you need for your scenario? Most people have their own pictures that represent their organizations. But if you're looking for something specific, let me know and maybe we have something in the community downloads.