Rise 360 - Subscription Only?

Jun 22, 2020

I have a Articulate 36o subscription but I have only been working with Storyline 360. I am a self-employed developer. I am completely new to the Rise 360 world. Can I develop courses using Rise 360 if I do not have a subscription to rise.com. There is no way as an individual I can afford a subscription to rise.com.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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Karl Muller

Hi Rosemary,

If you have a Articulate 360 subscription, you can create courses in either Storyline 360 or in Rise 360. These are course development tools, and when it comes to delivering and managing your courses, you need to use your own standalone Learning Management System.

Rise.com is also a bundle of apps but with some different components. You still get the Rise authoring system so you can develop online courses, but it also includes the Articulate LMS to deliver and manage the courses.

So these are two related yet different packages, and you can use one or the other, whichever best meets your needs. You don't need both.

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