Rise 360 suspend data way over Scorm 1.2 limit of 4096 characters

Dec 05, 2023

Does Rise 360 use an unusually large amount of Scorm suspend data for the "Marking Lessons Complete" feature?

Other authoring tools use short amounts of data for tracking that sort of progress, which easily fits within the 4096 character limit of Scorm 1.2, but Rise 360 content uses so many characters that the Scorm 1.2 character limit is far too low for a reasonable amount of content.

For example, after opening a Rise 360 course, no suspend data is used, but if you select a page or click the "START COURSE" button at the top it instantly uses around 315 characters. After scrolling to the bottom of that first page, around 527 characters are used. It only takes scrolling through 6 or 7 pages for the suspend data to be over the 4096 character limit of Scorm 1.2.

Because of that limit, we needed to switch a lot of our content from 1.2 to 2004 so that the limit is 64,000 instead of 4096, because using the "Marking Lessons Complete" feature with Scorm 1.2 and content longer than 6 or 7 pages was causing page completions to stop being tracked.

Our LMS is now introducing a new update which is going to make usage of Scorm 2004 content quite difficult, so as a last resort before dealing with that difficulty I thought I'd check whether anybody knows the reasons for the unusually large amount of Scorm suspend data the "Marking Lessons Complete" feature uses, or whether anything could be done about it.

It surprises me a lot that more people don't run into this problem. When I last looked into it, I didn't find much about it in the Articulate forums. It doesn't cause any visible errors except that any pages completed after that 6th or 7th page aren't recorded, but I imagine that'd still affect a lot of people.

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