Rise 360 to Absorb LMS: Not tracking user progress

Hello! I'm publishing a Rise 360 course to Absorb LMS. On the backend, the user progress only shows up as 0 or 100. No in-between. Even though within our Rise course, there are several segments, and in the course/Rise interface, it shows x done of x sections. It would be really helpful to learn more about user progress in the course, with progress % other than only o or 100. 

I've tried SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, and Tin Can. All have the same behavior. 

There are no quizzes in the course. I have Rise export setting as "Track using course completion = 100." 

Ideas are much appreciated!

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Renee Dunaway

Thank you for your response, Alyssa. And for marking it as a suggestion! It would really help us understand dropoff points for our public course. It would also help us troubleshoot: If x% users are incomplete, is that due to them dropping off in the middle? Or did they get over 90% to the end and perhaps a bug caused them to not be marked as "complete?" I appreciate the confirmation!

Renee Dunaway

Alyssa - there is also a problem with it not recording progress of mobile users. So, if a mobile user participates in the course, it marked the sections complete when they use it. Then, if they log out and log back in, it starts them over at the beginning. When I use Tin Can. So this may go beyond just tracking for analytics.

Jason Armstrong

The +1 is for the ability to have a percentage based feedback form the SCROM package to the LMS so there's a better representation of status for the user and data for the Absorb LMS analytics side of things.

We 're also currently looking into why we can't resume where we left off when re-launching a course from the Absorb LMS.

Jason Armstrong

This may be my misunderstanding. The way our client has structured their content, we usually have 1 lesson (we're calling them modules) per SCORM package. There are a few that have more than 1 lesson. When testing these it does take me back to the last lesson I was viewing, just not the placement within that lesson (page).

Amelia Bywater

Hello. i am also having this issue with no tracking of progress - the user leaves the course and when they return to it they are always taken back to the beginning with no record of what they've already completed. We are using SCORM 1.2 files in LearnWorlds LMS. I tried removing the exit button but this didn't resolve it. I believe I have all the settings correct within my LMS, although they call it SCORM persistence, rather than bookmarking. Any help would be appreciated!

I am keen for a percentage of completion, rather than only showing 0% or 100% as this makes a huge difference to how the users interact with the course. Has these been any updates about this? thanks

Renz Sevilla

Hi Amelia,

Could you please try in SCORM Cloud, with debugging enabled and test your course? If it resumes properly in SCORM Cloud you can share that with our LMS admin and they can review the debug log. It may need to be adjusted if the "SCORM persistence" of your LMS takes in data differently.

Regarding, completion options, Rise 360 reports Incomplete (0%) or Complete (100%) to the LMS, but not percent partially complete. 

Thanks for letting us know you'd like to see more types of completion data sent to the LMS!

Joanne Sutton

Hi there, we are just converting all our courses to Rise 360 too so would really like to see the learner progress (not just Incomplete/Complete - an actual percentage of how far along they are) being fed back to our LMS as that is how it currently works on our old courses and is a great motivator for learners.  How far away before this can be implemented?

Joanne Sutton

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for your reply. I understand that Rise 360 doesn’t return percent complete data. We are just trying to figure out how to integrate it into our LearnDash LMS which currently does show percent complete with our courses on the learners account page … see below. Do you know if/when Articulate will add this feature?


Joyce Maurin

Hi Alyssa,

It is really strange that you have this information somewhere, you are able to show it to the learner inside the Rise but you can't send it to the LMS. The weirdest part is that we can set a %age of completion at  Rise export to mark the content as passed. So you are using this value somewhere to define the status of the SCORM.

This would be very nice to have that info send to the LMS, as a cmi.score.raw or any other way, the same time suspend data are sent to the LMS.

Please add this to your roadmap as this would really help reporting and ergonomy.

David Keppeler

Hi Alyssa, 

I completely agree with Joyce. The information about a learners progress is stored somewhere. Why is it not possible to access this information via i.e. Rustici-API or any other LMS? I mean, it is there!

Do you have any plans about improving this. It should be the most obvious feature to report a learners progress to the lms instead of 0 and 1. 


Alexander and David