Rise 360 to Absorb LMS: Not tracking user progress

Hello! I'm publishing a Rise 360 course to Absorb LMS. On the backend, the user progress only shows up as 0 or 100. No in-between. Even though within our Rise course, there are several segments, and in the course/Rise interface, it shows x done of x sections. It would be really helpful to learn more about user progress in the course, with progress % other than only o or 100. 

I've tried SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, and Tin Can. All have the same behavior. 

There are no quizzes in the course. I have Rise export setting as "Track using course completion = 100." 

Ideas are much appreciated!

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Renee Dunaway

Thank you for your response, Alyssa. And for marking it as a suggestion! It would really help us understand dropoff points for our public course. It would also help us troubleshoot: If x% users are incomplete, is that due to them dropping off in the middle? Or did they get over 90% to the end and perhaps a bug caused them to not be marked as "complete?" I appreciate the confirmation!

Renee Dunaway

Alyssa - there is also a problem with it not recording progress of mobile users. So, if a mobile user participates in the course, it marked the sections complete when they use it. Then, if they log out and log back in, it starts them over at the beginning. When I use Tin Can. So this may go beyond just tracking for analytics.