Rise 360 Video Player Buttons

Nov 24, 2022

Rise 360 is really great but there are no options to use 5/10 seconds rewind or forward button in videos. Today, almost all video players which users engage daily has this ability. So, users expect to see this kind of navigation in Rise contents too. Is there any plans to add this feature?

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Gren Foronda

Hi Burak!

Thanks for sharing your request for the 5/10 second rewind and forward buttons in videos in Rise 360. I'll share this with the team, and will update this thread for any updates on this feature.

A possible workaround is to insert the video in a Storyline 360 project first, then create your own rewind/forward buttons. You can then insert this as a Storyline block in Rise 360.

One of our members/developers in this community shared this solution in Storyline, and even provided the source file that you can download (through the Resources tab of the demo). See more details here:

I hope this helps. Let me know if this works for you or if you have additional questions! Have a lovely day!