Rise 360 video starting automatically

Mar 19, 2021

Hi there. 

A previous employee has built a course in Rise 360 that has a couple of videos in them. Although there is a 'play' button in the course on Rise, when it plays on the LMS it starts automatically and too early so by the time the reader gets to the video clip it has finished and the replay button isn't working.

I'm new to Rise and have no idea where to start so any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Renz Sevilla

Hi Deborah! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your Rise courses on your LMS. Are these much older course published on a previous build of Rise 360? 

If you still have access to the course, I suggest republishing and uploading it the most recent version to your LMS. If you still continue to have trouble, would it be okay to share your course with us by opening up a case here privately?