RISE 360 vs RISE LMS with RISE

Oct 04, 2023

I am designing a rise 360 package, and I wanted to know if the design can be exported or some how shared via collaboration/management with a rise LMS platform? The purpose is for the designers who use the Rise LMS to edit the content.

Grateful for your support and advice.

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Angelo Cruz

Hi Kim! While there is a way to import courses from Rise 360 to Rise.com, there isn't a way to collaborate on a course with the two platforms.

Exporting Rise 360 courses to Rise.com is similar to sending a copy of your Rise 360 course to another author. Changes made to one copy do not affect the other. You can, however, update the Rise 360 course on Rise.com but you cannot do it the other way around. Changes made to the copy in Rise.com cannot be exported to update the copy in Rise 360.

You can check out this article about Importing Third-Party Training to Rise.com to learn more.