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Career Time

I love that you're stretching the capabilities of Rise, Zsolt! So many added goodies! My favorite was the embedded Storyline file -- it even pulled in the name I had entered in Rise!

This gives me hope that Articulate will continue to expand Rise and we'll start seeing these capabilities (and more) natively available in Rise. Rise is in its infancy, and it has so much potential.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kayla,

Take a look at Zsolts blog  - he offered a lot of explanation there for the set up he used! Also you can message him directly using the "contact me" button on his ELH profile and I suspect there is also a way to reach out to him directly through the blog link too.  Hope you're enjoying playing around with Rise and if you're able to share what you've created we'd love to see it!

Ann-Marie Pickles

Has anyone tried this course in Microsoft Edge. I can't select the attitude buttons or the gift so can't get through to the next lesson. It is working fine in Chrome though. Any suggestions for viewing in Edge?

I realise your can't properly create in Edge but the Browser support says users should be able to view in Edge.

Zsolt Olah


I don't have Edge but the only browsers that had some issues was IE (for geeks: adding target="_blank" in a JS call in the href causes issues apparently). But I made some fixed for IE11. It's running now. Can you clean the cache and refresh the page? Maybe that solves it in Edge as well. 

Also, here's another one to try: http://rabbitoreg.com/risedemo2


Martin Dean

Is there a simple way to create a hyperlink in a block (Accordion in my case) to another location in the same course?

I created a button pointing to a lesson in my course and copied that URL to jump from the text in the accordion to the lesson, but that inserts an absolute link to the lesson. 

I tried publishing on the review server and using that link, but that had modified the link to the review server URL.

So, I think I need a 'relative' link to the lesson that I can use as a hyperlink.

Any ideas?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Martin!

There isn't a way to link to another lesson using a text hyperlink. Currently, you can navigate Rise 360 courses with:

  • course outline and sidebar menu
  • button blocks
  • continue button blocks at the end of a lesson
  • built-in previous and next navigation

We are tracking requests for hyperlink navigation to lessons, so I'll keep this discussion updated with any changes!

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