RISE - Accidentally deleted an entire lesson (oh no!)

Feb 12, 2018

In an effort to figure out how to create another section in a course in Rise, I accidentally deleted the entire lesson!?! How can I get it back?  

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bonnie,

Uh oh! I'm sorry to hear you deleted a lesson by accident. ūüėē¬†

We aren't able to restore individual lessons that have been deleted, although if you noticed the mistake right away you can restore deleted lessons using the Undo button that appears after deleting them.

Deleted courses will work a bit different, as Rise will ask you to confirm that you want to delete a course before removing it and it will also appear in your Deleted Courses folder.

I took a quick Peek of what this looks like and some tips to help you prevent the accidental delete in the future. 

Alyssa Gomez

I feel your pain, Scott! We never want you to lose content without a way to get it back. We've seen other requests for a feature that would allow you to revert to an earlier version of your course, almost like a Version History button. We're tracking these requests, and if it gets added to Rise in the future, we'll let you know!

Allan McKinley

I would highly recommend prioritizing this feature as soon as possible. This is the kind of thing that people don't realize they need until it's too late, so it might not be something that registers highly on your backlog. The 'undo' button is barely visible on screen and shows up for only a few seconds - this is incredibly risky without an ability to access prior versions.

That said, I appreciate that the Articulate staff takes the time to respond to all the comments that are posted here! 

Leslie McKerchie

I understand Allan. Thanks for sharing your candid feedback as it is greatly appreciated and you're right, this would be a great feature to have well before you ever needed it.

I verified that this conversation is attached to our report so that we can pop in here and update you when we can.

Also, thank you for sharing your sentiments on our staff presence in the forums. It is something our team is proud of and helps us keep a good pulse on what's going on. I'm going to share your appreciation with our team :)

Rodrigo Sugahara

I almost killed myself... I'm working straight for about 20 hours and I just deleted 8 lessons before realizing I was deleting from the wrong course...

My heart stopped... my entire life flashed before my eyes... Then I remembered that I had just duplicated the course... So I am saved!

But seriously... we have no way of storing theses courses locally to enter in our backup plan.
This could mean redoing an entire project, so tag me along the feedback on this matter, please.

Stephen Fennell

This is actually quite a dangerous thing in Rise. The products ease of use gives people a false sense of security. Deleting whole lessons and then not being able to roll back to a previous version is a major flaw. We would not recommend using Rise to any of our organisation if we do not have the ability to version control.

Stephen Fennell

Yes I know that feeling Brian. Duplicate your course and save it with a name like xxxx_backup_date is what I now have to do, but it does mean all these are visible to you when you are trying to find versions to work on i.e. you cannot move them to a backup folder separate from the main project.

If you check the forums this had been an ongoing issue with Rise for sometime, and considering the damage it has caused I would have expected this to get a priority review. I like many others are still waiting...

Sara Andersson

hej, I'm also joining the crowd of people who need this feature, and I'm 100% certain all colleagues at my company would support it as well. Realising now when deleting part of a course that this is absolutely critical to have, and I truly hope you understand this must. Otherwise we'll probably review our choice - no matter how much I like working with Articulate. 

Gill H

I thought I had deleted a lesson but it looks like I'm ok. However, I'm also surprised that such clever, easy to use software doesn't have more of a safety net when it comes to deleting content. How about creating a pop-up warning message (that you could possibly toggle off in Settings) when you click the Delete button? Or making the Undo option much more prominent when deleting? Many thanks.

Jamie Graser

I cannot fully express my Anger, this is not a Feature to-be-added. The ability to be able to revert back because of an accidental deletion is TANTAMOUNT. I spent 23 hours and in one click, I deleted the first lesson of my training course... GONE!   ARE YOU KIDDING ME?   FIX THIS NOW!!!!! 

In fact, I see this forum is from over two-years ago, IF this has NOT YET BEEN FIXED, I am dumping my Subscription to Articulate 360, I will use PROFESSIONAL tools that are geared towards developers and not - Oh yeah, someday we'll give you the tools you actually need!  WTF?  

I am so sad, and angry and flummoxed.  WHY WHY WHY Is this not a FULL FEATURE????   This is NOT A NICE TO HAVE!    AN ENTIRE LESSON - GONE!!!!!! GONE!!! AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa

Jamie Graser

Your Apologies do not help.  FIX YOUR PRODUCT!   I just made the recommendation to our SLT at my company that we immediately dump our 237 subscriptions to RISE 360 and Articulate 360 - I explained what happened, he agreed that Not having a feature that allows someone to revert back to an earlier version is not acceptable. Canceling Today...