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Michele Schuck

Hi Jen. Last year, staff member Crystal Horn replied to me saying:

Media in Rise must be clicked to play (unless it’s an animated image, like a .GIF).  

We have shied away from auto-start of media because it’s not a web-standard experience on multi-device.  Most phone browsers actually prevent auto-play of media.   It usually needs to be user-initiated.

As far as I know that hasn't changed, unless there's been an update that I haven't heard about...

Stephanie Vander Meersch

I did notice the autoplay has been blocked by default by browsers.  That doesnt really answer my question though, this feature is available in StoryLine to add audio from file or text to speach at any location that is what I am looking for.  If I want to add an audio file over top of an image or text.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Sorry, Jen - it looks like I missed your original question. 

We haven't implemented autoplay of media in Rise, for the reasons mentioned earlier. As for playing audio at the same time as viewing other interactions, the audio is designed to stop once you start interacting with another element. I can share your set up with our team as they look for new ideas to add to Rise! 

Michael Fimian

I usually do a single slide Storyline, add narration, animate the screen objects and time it all to the audio, then publish it.  Import the SL into Rise where you want it.  Your users will still have to hit Play, but at least everything is consolidated into one learning object...

Dave Wallace


Every time the request to include an auto-play feature for audio,, it is met with the canned response of "We have shied away from auto-start of media because it’s not a web-standard experience on multi-device..." or words to that effect. 

In my experience, B2B learners generally don't access eLearning content on a mobile device. In past jobs LMS reports indicated fewer than 2% of our clients who accessed online content did so with a mobile device. 

Now, I get it. When responsive design became a must, I totally drank the mobile eLearning content development Kool-aid. Now that my sugar rush has subsided and the numbers are in, I wonder if perhaps it's time to focus on the core mode of eLearning needs and leave the mobile stuff on the "great idea - we'll get to it when we can" shelf.


I feel better! Would love to see audio auto-play added to Rise. I figure, if Storyline has this option built-in, Rise can implement it as well.




I am also having difficulty with the Audio Block: When I press "start recording" nothing happens, when i press arrow, pre-recorded music plays. 

I am using Chrome, and I am able to record audio with no problem in interactive blocks. 

I'm hoping for quick help, as I am working on a tight deadline (as I'm sure is the norm for most folks in this industry). 

Thanks in advance!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Gisela. Here's what I would quickly try before opening a case with my team for more in-depth help:

  • Refresh your browser window.
  • Delete the audio block and try adding a new one.
  • Try in a different supported browser (Firefox, Edge, or latest version of Safari). If you can only use Chrome, try from an incognito window.

If those suggestions don't work, open a case with us and let us know what you've tried!

Karl Muller

Hi Amy,

"The maximum file size for each audio file you upload to Rise 360 is 5 GB."  See https://community.articulate.com/series/rise-360/articles/rise-360-add-text-and-media#audio 

Note: be aware that most Learning Management Systems have a maximum size limit for SCORM files. So determine what that limit is before you start adding large media files.