Rise and content ownership

Feb 22, 2019

Hi there… I’m currently on a trial version of 360 and my question is about you “Rise” product. 


First off it appears to have great potential.   It looks fresh and easy to scale to different technology and devices. 


I am wondering about content ownership, permissions, and property.  As this uses a cloud based platform, how is our content and intellectual property kept secure for us?  If I look at Prezi as an example,  they have options to purchase desktop version of their web-based platform and built in agreements about these concerns. 


Could you help me with the following?


If we use solely the web based platform for our materials:

-          Do we have control over permissions for viewing (to keep them internal to our organization) ?

-          Is it possible to download from the web based to SCORM (or other suitable files) that would allow us to move the course into our LMS and off the web?

-          What assurances do we have that our content and intellectual property are securely held only for us?  Or is this ‘the price you pay’ for using the cloud based platform? 

-          Are there reporting capabilities that we can employ to monitor completion rates and who has taken? 


Would appreciate this in the form of email for the time being and if you have links to further info on the subject please provide.


With thanks, Michael. 

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out! Here are my answers to your questions:

  1. Of course! The only way people will be able to view your courses is if you share the link with them.
  2. Yes, you can export your Rise courses to SCORM and add them to your LMS.
  3. On our Trust page you'll find detailed information about all the security measures we've put in place to keep your content safe.
  4. Rise 360 is an authoring app, not an LMS, and does not allow for tracking. If you want to track your courses, you'll need to export them and upload them to your LMS.

If you have any other questions please let me know :)

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