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I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight into how you deal with the privacy and intellectual property concerns of sharing company confidential e-learning via Rise or the collaboration capability that is provided?


Where is the content being stored when we create content via Rise? 

Is the content being stored on a public Articulate site that other Articulate users could potentially use/view/review?

How about when publishing or previewing content via any of the other components of Articulate 360? Are we able to only store our content on internal servers or shared folders?

One of our users brought up a concern she had with a previous version of Storyline. When she would save content to a shared company folder and she would later try to access the file, the audio would be removed from the content. Do you know if this is an issue that arises with the new Articulate 360 suite?

Thank you!

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Brian Gil

Hi Cynthia,

Content created with Rise is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading provider of cloud-based storage. We chose them because of their stellar track record, commitment to security, and extensive public documentation of their best-in-class practices. Your content is not publicly available and you control who it's shared with, including optional password protection.

For the other applications in Articulate 360, such as Storyline 360, your course content is not automatically stored in the cloud. The materials are on your local machine and can be published to internal servers only if you wish. The only time cloud storage comes into play with our desktop apps is if you choose to publish the content to Articulate Review. At that point the content would also be stored in AWS so it can be easily shared with your reviewers.

By the way, we also have more information about our security practices in our online Trust Center:

I hope that helps! 



P.S. - regarding the lost audio issue your coworker encountered, I'm not familiar with that and suspect that if it was an ongoing issue with our products we would definitely hear about it. But, the best way to ensure it works flawlessly is to start a trial of Articulate 360 and try it out in your environment. If there is an issue our Tech Support team would be happy to help.

Fiona Rennie

Hi Brian,


I have the same concerns. Can you please explain any security features in place that stops the URL being passed between emails and leaving the organisation?  Even with the password isn't it possible that the URL and email can be share to anyone once the author has sent it to the people it was intended for?

Can the webpage be hidden behind some sort of wall that only employees can pass through?

Thank you!

Matthew Bibby
Annabelle Froud

Can you please explain any security features in place that stops the URL being passed between emails and leaving the organisation?

How does your organisation deal with this now regarding other sensitive information? What security features are in place that prevent people from taking photos of important documents, forwarding sensitive emails outside of the organisation, voice recording meetings etc.

I don't know that it is possible for Articulate to protect your organisation in this way. 

If this is a major concern (i.e. people being able to share the URL and password for a course in Review) then I think it might be best if you just publish your courses locally and share with your organisation via a network drive. That would mean that the files would be as safe as every other file in your organisation.

But then... couldn't someone with malicious intent just email those files to people outside of the organisation?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

All Articulate services are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the us-east-1 region located in northern Virginia in the United States.  

You can read more specifics on how we keep your data and information safe and secure here in our Trust Center (with links to our Privacy Policy and Articulate TOS).

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Annabelle,

You may also want to take a look at our Trust center to see how we do protect your data and information, but Matthew brings up some really good points. 

If storing of data and securing content to only be accessible to those in your organization and limiting the possibility of emailing content, you may want to look at his suggestions to publish and place the links to content on an internal server. 

Matthew Bibby

I don't use Rise, so I may not be 100% correct about this, but generally speaking if the file is stored on your hard drive, then the URL will look something like C:\Username\Documents\YourCourse\rise.html.  And it would only be accessible by people who have access to that hard drive.

You couldn't leave the organisation and enter the above and have it work.

But without an LMS you won't be able to track completion etc.