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Stuart Coombe

Seems all OK to me. Using the Cornerstone app on iPhone I tried both the "Exit Course" option on the content (which you have to choose to make active), and just closing the window on the iPhone. When I then re-access the course on the iPhone - it's fine - in the right place. Also fine on the desktop Cornerstone too - it remembered where I'd got to on the phone. Don't think I did anything special when setting it up - exported as SCORM 1.2 from Rise - enabled it for mobile in Cornerstone. Let me know if you need to know about any other settings.

Stuart Coombe

Hi Leigh

This is only the start of our journey into iPhone deployment, so we don't yet have user-base feedback. My own initial tests have been favourable - enough for me to want to make Rise content our first to be available on iPhone. I'm confident that many of our users will appreciate having a non-desktop channel to work within - particularly field based staff. The Cornerstone iphone app is pretty basic, but it works. The thing I have not yet managed to figure out is how we're going to (if we decide we need to) actually track who used which device type to consume the content. As I said, the tech side was really simple, so feel free to get in touch if you have queries. I would also be happy to hear how your users find the experience too, and any pitfalls you've encountered.

Best regards,


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ryan! 

The "checked" status of check boxes will be reset when a course is resumed by default. Are you looking to do more with this interaction, such as save the status of previously checked boxes when the course is resumed? If there are other ways you'd like to see this feature working, please let us know here! We love to hear more about the creative ways your using Rise. 

Ryan Wiggins

Hi Alyssa - thanks for the quick response! That's what we're hoping to do. Our use case was a new hire checklist that would carry a user through their first 90 days on the job and different steps that they should take. I've submitted the product request so we'll see what comes of it.