RISE and Litmos - upload failing

Feb 27, 2018

Hello - I wonder whether anyone has had problems uploading a Rise zip to the Litmos LMS? I have had no problems at all until recently but now the upload fails every time with a 'Communication error has occurred ... Ionic.zip could not be read. Could not read <Litmos file name> as  a zip file'.

I fully appreciate this is probably a Litmos problem and have contacted their tech support, but thought I would ask if anyone else has come across this.

The only big difference between the modules which I uploaded without problem and these ones now, is that I have started using Storyline blocks quite a lot and I am in the process of removing these to see whether they have an impact on the upload (I hope not, because they are fantastic!).

This glitch aside, my experience with Rise has been excellent - a great tool!

Best wishes,


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Martin Talbot

Dear all ...

If you're interested in this problem, I have fixed it (but not solved it!). It actually arose in two separate courses, both of which used a Storyline block. The characteristic that each block had in common was that they both used a scrolling panel - I don't know if that's a coincidence or the cause, I'm afraid.

It's particularly strange though, because I had successfully uploaded both courses with their original scrolling panel blocks. However, I later added a further Storyline block (a data entry screen) to each course - positioned after the scrolling panel block in both cases - and that's when the uploads started failing.

The solution was:

  1. remove the data entry block
  2. republish each Storyline element containing the scrolling panel to 360 as a new component and reinsert it into Rise. 
  3. re-add the data entry block

Not sure whether I could have just done step 2 - the above just reflects the way I approached the problem!



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Martin,

Thanks for sharing that update and solution that you were able to use! It's not an issue I've run into yet or heard about from other customers, so I'd also be curious if you tested outside of Litmos too?  Using SCORM Cloud would be a great option to see if it was an LMS specific issue or something in the Rise/Storyline combo. 

Let me know if you figure out anything else on this, or if you'd like to share a copy of your course with our team. Our Support Engineers are always ready to help! 

Katie Riggio

Really sorry you're running into this problem, Jerimy.

My teammate, Ashley, shared great insight above–testing the output in a different LMS environment like SCORM Cloud is the next, best step. This will tell us if the issue is mostly related to your Rise or LMS' output. If you haven't already, give it a try in SCORM Cloud.

Let us know how it works there, and if you need a hand with testing! We're happy to dig in. 🔎

Jerimy H. Elliott

Honestly, it is irrelevant whether it works in Scorm Cloud or not. My company uses and pays for a different LMS. The issue is that 360 works for everyone every time on our LMS in IE and Rise does not. It works for ~ half of the people I am assigning it to as a test. My LMS tech support people are not able to see an issue (of course) and I get to re-do all of the course I built in Rise in 360. I guess my disappointment comes from Rise not working the same way 360 does. Honestly, Rise seems like a good idea but it simply doesn't work. I am seeing a ton of posts on various forums with the same complaints and the response is always 1) Try it on Scorm Cloud and 2) Contact your LMS. Neither of which address the core issue that Rise is not functioning the way it is supposed to. 

Sorry if this sounds like a frustrated rant, but I am looking at a bunch of extra work because I trusted that this program would work as well as 360 and frankly, I paid for a product that I cannot use.

Justin Grenier

Really sorry for the trouble, Jerimy!

The big difference between Rise and Storyline is that Rise produces pure HTML5 output, whereas Storyline has the option of publishing with Flash as a fall-back option (or even Flash-first or Flash-only).

What we sometimes see is that a specific LMS (or a specific instance of a specific LMS) will tell IE to run in Compatibility View.  This mimics Internet Explorer 7, which doesn't have support for HTML5 content.

When Storyline output sees that it's running in IE 7, it falls back to Flash.  Rise doesn't have that option, so you'll need to disable Compatibility View to see your course.  Here are two methods you can try.

If your Rise course is still blank in Internet Explorer after trying the methods above to fix it, let us know.

Holly Mazzeo

Hi - I am now having the same issue.  A Rise course won't load to Litmos at all. I've had other Rise courses upload with now issue before. We only use Chrome, so it's not an IE compatibility issue. I exported it as both Scorm 1.2 and Scorm 2004 (2nd version) and I get the same error message. I even tried breaking up the course lessons into separate modules and still, it does not load. It does work on SCORM cloud. There are no Storyline blocks, but I do have an audio and video file in the course. I have an open ticket with Litmos, but was wondering if anyone had additional insights?