Rise and Storyline File name

Sep 10, 2018

I have a Rise SCORM with several blocks in it including a SL 360 File. It seems that the name of the SL file appears onscreen along with the play button. Is there a way to control that name?  As you can see by the attached screenshot from my iphone it shows the actual file name, which does not exactly look great.  I could change the name itself, of course to be something more "appealing" but is there a way in Rise to do that, or to hide it? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Gordon,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing an image of what you are seeing in your file.

I know that I've seen this question asked about websites, but those names are more behind the scenes.

I took a look at a sample course of mine, but I'm not seeing the same behavior. What kind of device/environment are you viewing your course on?

Do you see the file name for the Storyline course in my project?

Gordon UBS Lam

I am using an iphone X and I am not seeing the filename in your file. As the SL publish settings are pretty simple for publishing to 360, maybe its just the title field.  I can't seem to have mine blank.  What do you see in the title field?  And what do you see when you click the ellipsis next to the title field? 

Gordon UBS Lam

It seems I have run into an issue with the classic player.  Despite trying to strip out the GUI, on a mobile device there is a dark gray bar that appears at the bottom where the nav buttons are (see the attached screenshot). How can I remove this so the nav looks the same as it would in the 'modern player' ?

Leslie McKerchie

Oh no, Gordon.

I see that this is an issue that has been shared with our team as well.

That image is helpful.

I'm going to share this conversation in our report along with your image and we'll be sure to update you here when we can. I'm going to link this to our previous conversation as well because I realize that you've now run into issues with both Storyline players for your Rise course.

Rik Rigg

I have come across this problem recently

After playing around a little while it was to do with the storyline file holding a value in the Articulate Online title in the publish screen. Even if you don't use articulate online. 

A previous storyline had been used as a base to start a new build and this name was showing in rise when running this module. This value had carried over. 

I have attached a screen shot to demonstrate.