Rise Articulate SCORM Package not loading

When I try to update the SCORM package in existing courses the Rise course doesn't load. I've tested the package with a new xAPI and it works fine.
This video explains the issue.

I have been in touch with Nexus who make Grassblade and they have informed me:

"This is Articulate bug you will need to talk to them for a perfect solution. The content should not show blank if it doesn't find the resume lesson.

In your cause Articulate is changing the location ids, and when it get's old location id, it throws an error and stops functioning.

You will need to check with Articulate to find a good solution."

Thanks, Darren

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Darren Coleman

Hi Karl,

No. The only change was to add links to two additional resources. Previously, these were downloaded from our www but we wanted to include them in the SCORM so it was easy for the learner to access them at the right point. 

A developer has advised:

"In future, when you plan to update an existing SCORM package. Please ensure no learners have the course in progress. Either request them to complete it or let them know that the module will be reassigned and they have to review from the beginning."

However, for me this doesn't feel practical / workable. It’s highly likely there will always be learners in progress so finding a time to update the existing SCORM would be problematic. Also, if a learner has finished/passed a course but would like to review the content (within the period of time they have access to the content) they’d be quite frustrated at having to go through the whole course again if they wanted to recap on a section towards the end of the couse. Do you see what I mean?

I look forward to your thoughts/advice. 

Renz Sevilla

Hi Darren! Thanks for reaching out!

If a learner completed a tracked quiz / completed the course, their quiz data will still be intact in the LMS, but they won’t be able to resume where they left off after an update. 

If you overwrite or add a new lesson in your course, then update the course in your LMS, some learners might see a blank page. If this happens, select More settings and click the Reset Learner Progress option when you export your course.

Please note that when learners launch the newly updated course in your LMS, their progress will be reset, but any completed quiz data will be retained.

Hope that clarifies how updating works for published courses in an LMS!

Darren Coleman

Thanks for this Renz but it still doesn’t explain why I can’t view the updated course in Rise (please see the initial Loom screen recording below). No changes in lessons have been made. The only change is that two downloadable resources have been incorporated into the SCORM package. No new lessons, quizzes etc.

I look forward to your response

Excuse the brief email 📲