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Crystal Horn

Hi Mikki!  If your button takes you to another web page, it will likely open in another browser tab.  You can either close the new tab or click back onto your Rise tab.

If the button takes you to another lesson (and maybe it's deep into another part of the course), you can use your browser back button to return to the button stack page.

Let me know if you have a different scenario!

Marc Dickstein

I have the same question when the button takes you to another lesson.  I find that the browser back button returns the user to the top of the lesson page, requiring the user to scroll back down to the bottom to continue.  If the lesson is long, it may not be obvious that they got back to where they just were.  Would be better if there was some way to return the user back to the buttons....  Is there another solution?

Marc Dickstein

I think that’s a great solution, but only if the second referenced lesson was linked only to that one original.  I was intending on having several lessons reference that same second one, so one button B wouldn’t work.... I guesss I could look at adding multiple “go back” buttons that specify where to go back to, but that sounds messy.....

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elizabeth!

Thanks for that extra detail. Did you want the buttons to link to other lessons in the Rise course, or did you want them to link to an outside web resource? 

By the way, you can edit out your contact information from your post if you'd like!  Replying via email will include your signature.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mish,

What a cool demo! I inspected the source on this lesson in Chrome by going to View > Developer Tools> Inspect Elements. The source shows us it is a button block, but it appears that the author edited the published output to center the button. 

If you know who created this demo, reach out to the author to find out their secret!

Hannah Schneider

Hello all,
My e-learning course consists of a basic course and various in-depth chapters that you can jump into from the basic course. I have linked these via the "Button" function. To return to the basic course, I have inserted a button again that links to the original chapter in the basic course. However, you then land at the beginning of the chapter and not at the point where you jumped off. Is there a way to link to the exact place where you jumped off?
Thanks for your tips!

Jeffrey Davis

How about being able to arrange buttons in a row or grid instead of just a stack?  I realize this currently requires code manipulation, just as centering does, but it seems like this should be a standard "switch-to," just like switching between accordion and tabs. Actually, both of these seem like they should be standard issue. 

If I could add multiple buttons to tabs, or to an accordion, that would help. I'm building a course catalog and want to reduce vertical scrolling. It would be nice to have a tab for a category of courses (ERP, CPLM, Finance, etc.), and button links to sub-pages containing course links on a given tab.