Rise Course Designs

I love using Rise to create courses which look beautiful! I am beginning to feel a little 'stale' with them however with trying to make them different then the previous version by using different interactions, block types etc.

Will Rise ever allow us to customise the layout of the overall menu and become a HTML5 click/drag style authoring tool to allow different content layouts?

I note the Adapt Authoring Tool and the Evolve Authoring Tools allow slightly more customised layouts. Attached is an example of what I mean with customised layouts and how this could work for the menu. I think it'd be really powerful if something like this could work in Rise.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Troy for sharing that example image - a cool set up, indeed! 

I'll pass this discussion along to our product team, they're always on the look out for new ideas and features that would help you with course development. Always feel free to share here, or send to them directly  right here. 😁