Rise course' font changes to Times Roman

Sep 07, 2018


I am currently testing to deploy a Rise course in our sumTotal LMS. I noticed that the font changes to Times Roman. I installed a common font (calibri) that we use in our elearning courses to my Rise and it is still being converted to Times Roman. Has anyone experienced this? Are there any workarounds?


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Broderick Lemke

This was our issue:



We were able to confirm by opening developer tools in the browser if effected (for chrome - F12, for Edge view this), and viewing the Console. It was filed with HTTP404 resoruce not founds for fonts and Resources access being restricted. Check out that thread for more info. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alexander,

I think Broderick is referring to the steps here to solve the font issue, but let us know if you need anything else! 

Rise content depends on .woff (Web Open Font Format) files to display fonts in Rise, and it's possible that your web server hasn't been configured to allow the download of .woff files.
If your web server is running IIS, you may need to add the .woff MIME type in IIS manager to serve this file type:
  1. Open IIS Manager (Start >> Run >> type inetmgr, then hit enter).
  2. Select the root node from the connections pane.  Double-click MIME Types from the features pane.
  3. Click on Add link in the Actions pane. This will open up a dialog box. Enter .woff as the file extension, specify application/font-woff as the corresponding MIME type, and click the OK button.
Marvie Mulder

Hi Angela,

If you mean how you can use TTF with your Rise Course, you will have to convert the TTF to WOFF first and upload it as a custom font through Course Settings. From there you should be able to use it as either a headings or body font. 

Just want to note that this is done while you are authoring the course. Not when it's already exported for LMS. 

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