Rise course including quiz


I'm trying to build a quiz in a Rise course, wanting to set it up as follow:

  • The person taking the quiz has to pass the quiz before unlocking a certificate of accomplishment (the certificate of accomplishment is outside of Rise course - both sit on a Totara platform)
  • The quiz in the Rise course is ten multi-choice questions and the pass rate is 8/10
  • The person taking the quiz can make as many attempts as they wish

I've been told that a possible problem is that if the person makes a first attempt and then quits the Rise course then later goes back in to retake the quiz their progress will not be updated. For example, if they took the quiz and got 60% (a fail) then quit, then Totara will record the 60% mark. If they go back to the Rise SCORM and retake the quiz and achieved 90%, Totara will not update the grade to 90%.

A suggestion was to turn on 'Force New Attempt' so when the user leaves the SCORM and open the SCORM again it will reset. But this will mean their learning progress will be lost.

Can anyone advise on this, as I naturally want their score to change and for their record of learning to reflect this.




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, John!

Your LMS (Totara) controls what happens when a learner retakes a quiz after completing the course. 

From here, I would reach out to your LMS administrator to find out if there's a setting that would allow learners to retake the quiz and receive a new score. 

Hopefully other Totara users in the community can chime in with advice, too!