Sep 14, 2020

A colleague indicates a course he created is having user issues with the quizzing Complete button in RISE. He said "Sometimes if a user fails the quiz and the attempts to retake it, the button is not there. So they have no way of submitting the next quiz attempt." 

Is this a setting issue, or something else? 

The learner explained it this way: I have taken the quiz about 5 times with an 80% pass rate and it gives me the congratulations you have passed, close course to continue with your learning, but when I go to the Certificate menu [in our LMS] the course still shows as in progress, and I am not getting an email confirming my course completion like I have with the other course. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Karen! I have a couple of thoughts about why this is happening.

First, does the quiz have unlimited attempts? If not, it could be that the learner no longer sees the "Try Again" button because they ran out of attempts.

Also, does your course contain an Exit Course button or link? Some LMSs require an Exit Course function to communicate completion correctly. If the learner is manually closing the browser window, the LMS may not capture the completion and success status.

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