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Feb 10, 2017

Hi there, 

At the moment I'm finding that my course list page on Rise is filling up very quickly. I'm working a project at the moment that will see me making 78 rise learning objects.  Once I'm finished this project I will be working on a new project of a totally different nature that will see me make many more objects again.

I would like to manage the courses list page. Some way to categorise the content with tags so that I could filter by project perhaps. Maybe set up some metadata that would allow some more sophisticated filters or search functions to work, or even a folder system to place things in to keep some order.

I also want a way to customise that course list page. For example, I like to view my courses in a list but it always defaults to the tile view. Is there a way that I can save my preference for this?

Finally, if I'm finished a project and want to archive those courses away, can I do this and have the ability to restore and edit them if needed?

These additions to the file management would make my work day so much better :) Perhaps you might have some suggestions to help me manage these numerous files in the meantime. 

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Elizabeth Everingham Miller

Hi Adam - Just wondering if this feature is getting any closer? Our team is growing rapidly and so are our assets. Asset and file management is becoming a real issue for the team. 

We have staff that come and go but we want to ensure that the Rise content remains accessible to the team. We would like to know that there is a central place where all the completed Rise courses can sit and be accessed again if they need to be edited and re-exported.

So if Bob builds 10 courses and leaves the team with his username and password, we want to know that we can access those courses after he no longer has a seat with us.

Another issue with Rise is that some members of the team are very prolific developers, they have many, many, Rise instances attached to their account causing different issues including long waiting times for the courses to load and difficulty finding the course you are after.

From my point of view, I would like to remove the courses after they have been exported to free up that clutter, however, this would require an ability to be able to restore and edit it if changes are required.

Can you please advise if these features are being considered. Our team is looking for a much smoother solution for the management of our assets.



Bridgewater Developer


I have also submitted a request for file management, however, it is quite difficult to know when further functionality will be released as the "whats new" page is rather uninformative on the "coming soon" elements.

"it will be available this year" is really not a proper answer - especially now that it is 6 months later and no further information on this particular topic has been forthcoming. Can we please have a proper road-map to see what is going to be implemented in the foreseeable future - at least on a quarterly basis for the next 12 months.

Adam Schwartz

Good news Elizabeth - we are shipping the Rise Folders feature this month. That will make it really easy to manage your courses.

For collaboration, you probably already know about the Send a Copy feature. And we're putting the final touches on a Collaborators feature that lets multiple people work on the same course. 

Hang in there, Rise is about to get a lot better with these features and several other major ones slated for this year. 

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