RISE - Create course with multiple sections?

How do I create another Section. Right now I have 6 lessons under one section. But I want there two be 2 sections each with 3 lessons under it. I thought I could change the fourth lesson to be a new section by simply need to hold Shift + Enter keys on the lesson to make it a section as the text seems to indicate. My thought was that this was like a reverse indent sort of thing, but it's not working. 

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Michael Marcos

Hi Bonnie, 

What you can do is create a new section after the 6 lessons you've already created. Hit Shift + Enter to make sure it doesn't become another lesson.

Once the new section is created (we'll call this section 2), you can drag this new section and position it above your fourth lesson. This will automatically make the 4th and subsequent lessons a part of section 2.