Rise custom elements with SDK


My group is evaluating a new authoring tool for mobile and Rise is one of the options.

Since I'm the developer who supports instructional designers as well as courseware developers, and I know that every day they have new requests to design course contents, I'm wondering if Rise roadmap includes the development of an SDK to develop custom components or code custom player behaviours. I'm talking about something like you have with Adaptlearning or H5P.

Thanks, F.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Fabio,

Sorry about that! Posts can be flagged as potential spam, and we monitor this manually to unflag them. Your post is live now on the E-Learning Heroes site. 

We don't have an official SDK, nor is there anything on our public roadmap to share. Can you share a bit more about your needs for custom player behaviors? I'd love to help you figure out what features in Rise would meet those needs and then share other ideas with our Product team.