"Triggering" audio in Rise

Mar 08, 2017

Is there, as yet, the ability to automatically play audio when a user scrolls to it in Rise, please?

If not, is it on the roadmap going forward?

is there an API or a SDK for products such as Rise?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lawrence, 

It's not a feature currently on our roadmap, but based on a few different requests I've seen for it here in the  E-Learning Heroes community I'll bring it up again with our team. When we first released Rise, the auto play feature was something we shied away from as you'll see in Adam's comments here. It's always good to keep these discussions going and evaluate any changes to that as Rise is continually evolving! 

Zsolt Olah

Not out of the box. I did something similar for video. It won't work on ios because you must touch the ios device to play audio or video but in a browser it should:


Scroll down. Once the video is visible, it starts playing. When it's complete, it moves to the next video. 

James Lavis

I've come across this issue as well. In Ontario, our content must be accessibility compliant. Not a choice. So I will likely add an audio block at the bottom that will read the entire set of content. I think the best solution would be a small play button beside each block of text, added potentially through the settings of said block. The last think you want is to have an audio block under each element, as that would double the length of your scroll and look terrible.

In Ontario, this sort of thing is mandatory. Many designers keep their stuff off the grid and negate this requirement.

James Lavis

No worries. As a step back, it would be weird to have voice over triggered by your scrolling. Neat feature but awkward. I think the ability for any object to have a narrative aspect (subtly) would be sufficient. So click to hear the text, click to explain picture. Since most corps in Canada can keep their stuff off the grid, they don't comply.

Kevin Fox

I also have a need for this feature due to my companies high priority placed on inclusion with our courses. We need to make sure that those who find it difficult to read the material have the option of audio which has meant we have not been able to utilise RISE in the ways in which we would like to. I understand you can get a work around by possibly using your Storyline blocks or adding the audio block underneath but something to allow audio to be added to each block with specific trigger to play which can be preset would be ideal.