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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Hbl, 

It sounds like you'd like to change the layout of questions in Rise? They're all set up to have the image appear below the question. I'd love to be able to share an example with our team of where the image above the question would help with your design! Can you share a screenshot or some more information here with me? 

Dianne Callaghan

Hello, I would like to add my support to this request as well please. We would like to structure our questions with an introductory statement or command, then an image with side by side extracts from documents, then the question about the documents in the image. For example:

'The following extracts are from the xyz document:'

[Image with 2 side-by-side tables of text e.g. box 1 has task, box 2 has objectives task is meant to meet]

'Does the task above meet the objectives outlined?'

At the moment we have to put the question above the image and it causes some confusion with our learners as there is a fair bit of text in the images to absorb. By the time they examine it they need to go back above the image to read the question. It's just not a natural progression. There is no way to replicate this layout using solely text, and putting the question inside the image doesn't work when the image is quite large. Being able to put text below the image as well as above, would help us greatly. We can only use the Quiz lesson as it needs to be scored and we want to do it only in Rise. Thank you!