Rise: Drag and drop

May 04, 2019


I have set up a drag n drop exercise in Rise a number of times without issue. A great interactive tool - now however, it seems I cannot change the background colour and the categories don't show (actually invisible). I can complete the exercise as I know where the categories are physically positioned on the screen, but this is not much help to my users.

I have checked for updates... all good, and turned off the machine and turned it back on again - no change.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Crystal Horn

Hi, Martin. It sounds like you are having some trouble with a Sorting Activity block that you've already created. First, be sure you're editing in a supported browser. When you edit the lesson and click on the block's Settings, what do you see? Is there any change if you clear the color formatting and start again?

If you can attach a screenshot, I'll be happy to help with next steps!

Martin Maya

Hi Crystal, thanks for your help. Yes, I'm having a little trouble. I have it saved in templates and I just selected it from the existing templates but it didn't seem to want to function the way it should. I use Chrome and I'm on the latest version. The colour formatting is acting very weird. If I delete the grey background, it automatically resets it to grey. If I delete some of the letters, currently I have only 'f' in the colour field and the grey disappears but so do the category objects. I hope that is a coherent explanation, it is quite strange behaviour.

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