Rise: Embed link to published .story file in Dropbox

Hi everyone,  I am trying to use the embed function in Rise to embed a link to a published .story file which is saved in my Dropbox public folder.  However, as can be seen in the attached Rise, the embedded 'image' doesn't show the slide (instead shows the Dropbox metadata) and the link takes you to the dropbox folder, instead of opening / playing the .story file in a new window. 


Can anyone please describe to me how to properly embed a .story link using dropbox?

Thanks in advance.  Christine

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Christine Hounsham

Justin / or anyone else,  can I ask a follow up question?

I have now embed a URL link to a .story file (only one slide) hosted on Tempshare.   Do you know why my Rise page does not display a picture of the linked site (ie the slide)?   I was trying to recreate the look of Alyssa's Rise chapter in her demo responding to the qu 'Using Padlet with Rise'. 

Here is:

- Alyssa page  https://rise.articulate.com/share/pakBbU8kxQDSa0-8#/list/2?_k=hyyj5j

- verses mine  https://rise.articulate.com/share/LcGhJ8Ci3oth-42U 

Thanks again.  Christine

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Christine.

When you embed a URL, Rise glimpses into the HTML of the link you've provided and looks for Meta Tags that tell Rise how to visually display the link.  This is similar to what Facebook, Twitter and other tools do when you share a link via Social Media.

At present, published Storyline output doesn't contain these Meta Tags, but we're working on a way to directly embed Storyline content in a Rise course!