RISE - Exit button to record completion when the learner has completed 8 of the 9 sections

Sep 13, 2021

Hi there,

I have a course with nine sections in it.  I have a button at the end of the course to Exit (for LMS only) to record the completion.  There is no quiz and one section is optional.

Is it the % of passing for tracking that I have to adjust to make this work.  I tried taking the course and skipping the optional section.  Nothing is locked down, but when I click Exit it shows as incomplete.  Do I have to adjust in the Export settings the 100% to 90%?   I am assuming that is what I have to do....but how can I ensure they didn't skip one of the other sections that I need them to see.

Screenshot example: The learner needs to take the Surveys section down to and including Section 5 and then they have to do the Summary (so a total of 8 of the 9 sections.  Section 6 is optional.  So trying to figure out what percentage I put and do I have to use the Lock version of the continue buttons on the sections they must complete?  



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Teresa Vanderpost

Just to add a note, I put the pass rate at 85% and I put the continue buttons to complete block above for all except section 6.  Loaded into my LMS, When I got to section 6 I skipped it and when to my Sidebar and selected summary and used my exit button.  But still showing an incomplete status.  Any help would be appreciated.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Teresa! Here's what I would recommend:

  1. Set the completion percentage to 85%.
  2. Turn on restricted navigation to ensure learners don't skip a required lesson.
  3. Move Section 6: Additional Resources (Optional) to the end of the course. You may want to rename it so it makes more sense as the final lesson.

Let me know if those changes will work for you! 

Teresa Vanderpost

Hi Alyssa,

My problem with that is the SME wants the Summary to be after all of the sections.  And I was able to see an 89% complete in the top left of my sidebar when I skipped passed Section 6 and then just scrolled through the summary and selected the Exit button (for LMS).  I am not sure I understand why that wouldn't work.  

I am not sure if I share with you my RISE working file if you can see the back end or not...

https://rise.articulate.com/share/Y1Ye7JiJ40_b6kvLLuTyFHY_o8JYsXYe or do you just see the preview.

Are you saying that even though I got to 89% it won't work as the percentage in the export settings tracks it in order?  I am hoping not as that doesn't make sense does it?  It could be me lol!

Appreciate any help.  They would like to go live on Friday and I didn't realize this would be a problem...

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Teresa! 

If you set the completion percentage to 85%, that means learners can skip one lesson and still be marked complete. That means learners can skip any one lesson, and they'll be marked complete. 

If you add restricted navigation, that helps you to ensure learners aren't skipping a required lesson. Let me know if that makes sense! 

Teresa Vanderpost

Morning Alyssa,

Yes this makes sense and how I hoped it would work but it doesn't seem to be.  I set completion to 85%, And if I skip Section 6 and go to the Summary it shows 89% complete, but it is still showing as incomplete in my LMS.  I checked and if the learner does up to the end of Section 5 it is 78% complete.  So I tried changing to 78% went to end of Section 5 and then closed the window and this worked.  But if I tried to skip a lesson even though the percentage is right it doesn't seem to be working.

I have to try the restricted navigation, but if I do that doesn't it mean they won't get to the Summary if I say the previous Section 6 is optional?

But I will try it this morning.  Supposed to go live this Friday so hoping to figure this out, I may just have to do the 78% option but I would like to see it work properly.