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Nov 07, 2022

Hi and thank you for running such a responsive board - it has saved me many times :)

I am using RISE (with embedded Storyline blocks) as the primary development tool for a range of courses I'm building. After I export a course, I then apply my own CSS, JS, etc to the index.html file to further personalise them and increase security.

I need to select a number of different export options for distribution on different LMS's - primarily about reporting - and while exporting a series of exports with different parameters isn't too much of a bind, the subsequent work on CSS, etc is taking me a lot of time.

I picked this up on a very old thread, which would save me all this work.
It would mean that I simply need to modify one line in the index.html file to change the reporting of the package, but the line number has changed (now 91,) so could you tell me if this is still the case?

Also, are there similar variables that set the options for Tracking and Exit Course Link which can also be set in the index.html to avoid multiple exports of the same course?

Unzip the scorm package and then open the index.html file in a text editor. There is one line (line 84) that needs amended: change var reporting = 'passed-incomplete'; to var reporting = 'completed-incomplete';

Many thanks



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Steve Warren

Thanks Chino

As you say, I spoke to Mark but as he said (and I understand) you can't support things like this.
In theory it should work fine, but it would help to have a "higher power" confirm it.
I am reliant on third party platforms, so I'm continuing with multiple exports for now.
The community has many "higer powers" who do this kind of thing, but no-one has responded yet, though I'll keep hoping.