Rise Features: Do You Even Listen to The Community?

May 08, 2020

Hi All,

I feel I have to get this off my chest. I'm frustrated with Rise. I want to love it, but after the "responsive design" excitement wears off, I'm left with many frustrations with simple features missing.

The Rise authoring solution was a game changer when it was first hit the market, but the speed of any feature updates and improvements is frustratingly slow.

The lack of feature development requested from of community means that Rise is nowhere what it could be and is being passed by other web based responsive authoring tools in both features and customisation (with the same ease of use)

The lack of any clear "roadmap" is also very frustrating and the continued "we will consider that" answer to community requests for features etc is very condescending. Some features have been requested multiple times over many years and yet nothing ever shows up, or even a place to see it it is even inconsideration for development/implementation.

As an elearning and software developer for over 15 years, I find your approach to working with the community very closed. How hard is it to publish some sort of roadmap, features being considered etc?

Being a web based software developer myself, I know that some features are not trivial to implement, but others are pretty straight forward and would enable all sorts of customisation and creativity for designers and developers. You just have to enable them.

Specifically, some that come to mind:

  • Adding Custom CSS
    Simple feature to implement - this would enable a world of needed customisation options for developers. ie Make padding smaller, hide elements, reposition elements
  •  Enable branching on quiz or knowledge check results
    Example: "if answered correct and/or quiz passed etc" -> go to XXX else -> go to YYYY" - Instant adaptive elearning/pretesting etc
  • Linking to sections outside button sets
    Why can buttons be linked to course sections but you can't link from text using the hyperlink option? At least remove the need for the http:// so developers can use # links to create their own links to content/sections etc 
  • More content block layout options
    Allow different column layouts to drop blocks to create mix n match layouts (4 columns/3 columns/full width etc) or consider allowing custom "options" for 
  • Rise Javascript documentation for developers
    Could you consider making the Rise JS framework API available for developers to build custom code to extend current functionality ?

Please, lets get this moving...





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Karl Muller

I think the public roadmap is a great start.

Looking at what's currently on the very short list, I see none of the burning issues frequently raised by the community.

Based on my impressions as I read posts, I do sense a growing level of frustration from community members, especially where the same critical issues have been brought up many times over the period of a few years.

Like the deletion UNDO, to name just one issue.

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