Rise files to SL3?

Sep 06, 2017


If I create a course in Rise, can I provide the source file to my client and can she then open and edit it in SL3? 


Cheers, Gabby

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Gabrielle!  Thanks for asking.

The beauty of Rise is that all you need is a browser to build your courses!  As a web-based authoring tool, you won't have a source file.  Storyline is a desktop tool which creates and stores project files on your C: drive.  Storyline will only be able to open a .story file type.

I'm guessing your client needs a copy of the Rise course to edit.  Have her try out Articulate 360!  You can use the "Send a copy" feature in Rise to send the course to her, and she can make whatever edits she needs.

Gabrielle Hartin

Thanks for the clarification - the client would need their own version of RISE in order to open and edit a course I have made for them.

Any chance you will be offering unbundled offerings of your subscription service?  E.G There is no real value in the client purchasing the full subscription when they only really need/want RISE.

Thanks :)


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