Rise + Google Apps embeds?

Sep 11, 2018

Rise is pretty awesome... but I am having some trouble when trying to embed a Google Doc, specifically in a process section.

It appears super squished in the preview and live views of the course... you can tell it's a Google Doc, but it's not helpful.  I can definitely just link to the content, but I thought it would be friendlier to include it as a visual.

For context: the doc is a template of a planning document, in view-only mode... ideally, users would get to that step of the process section in the course and view/make a copy of the template to create their own planning document.





(It's in "The Process", step 1)

Anyone run into this?  Is there a trick?  Or should I settle for a screenshot and a link to the file?

Thanks, all!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Frances,

Oh no, your image is quite sad! It looks cut off and not at all usable. 😕

I did a quick test of your course in Chrome to see if I could replicate it, and noted that it wasn't cut off (even resizing the browser) but it's still hard to read it based on the embed width/height applied and the scrollbars created (quick screen recording here). 

With that limited amount you can read and see, I'd definitely look at adding in an image of your tables and then linking to the document as well. You could take a screenshot and use the blocks - Image Full Width and then a Multimedia Attachment if you'd like them to download the file, or an Interactive Button to link directly to the URL. 

Hope that helps! 

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