Rise hyperlinks

I am trying to find a way to branch out to different lessons from within the marker card on a labelled graphic. 

I know I can use a button to link to lessons, but I'm pretty sure I can't insert a button into the marker card. I can insert a text hyperlink, but I believe this can't link to individual lessons, only URLs.

Many thanks.


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Ned Whiteley

I submitted a request for Rise internal links over a year ago that has been gaining momentum, but clearly not yet enough to get to the top of the R & D "To Do" list. I strongly believe that this would be a really useful tool for a large number of people in the community and would dearly love to see it implemented.

Jo-Anne Newby

Have hyperlinks been added yet?  I need to add multiple navigation options and the buttons just don't cut it.

Ideally I would like to be able to add hyperlinks that navigate to specific Rise pages inside a storyline file at the beginning of a Rise course since that is the interactive component used as an intro to the tool I am creating. Rise is just so inflexible, it makes it hard to do the kinds of things that would make it so much more valuable in the long run.

The ability to add links throughout a file, not just buttons or vertical buttons (yeesh) would be incredible.  If I could add a link to a specific section in Rise from within a storyline file, that would be gold for me, right now.