Rise iFrame: removing grey border; reducing interior padding of frame

I am working on embedding some storyline2 content into a Rise course using an iframe withing the embed option. I'm able to do so and have gotten my course content to load fine. 

Within the attached image, you'll see two areas called out i'm looking for possible solutions on. 

1) Is there a way to remove the border around the embedded iframe? This grey bar is within the attached image using a red box. I've tried adding the following options minus the parentheses with no luck.(frameborder="0")



2) I can't seem to figure out how to remove the white spacing around the embedded .story file. This space is identified within the attached image using s long squiggly line. Is that are able to be removed?

Background info: I want to use very narrow storyline files, maybe 100 pixels tall, but Rise seems to be adding several inches of space to the top and bottom when I do. So what might act as a custom graphical divider or other custom interactive element, will now "float" in the course between those spaces.

Here is the embed iframe code I am using if you want to play with it. 

<iframe src="https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/mfrm-learning-development/Course+Files/CoryTest/story.html"></iframe>

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