Rise: Image Focus Areas

Jan 02, 2019

One issue I've run into in Rise is a lack of control over image cropping. I realize that the image needs to adjust in order to be responsive, but it would be nice to be able to click and designate a "focus area" on the image. This would result in that area of the image being visible regardless of the size of the device being used. In other words, the cropping would adjust around the designated area.

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Tom Kuhlmann

Most of the images scale and don't crop. The ones that don't are the ones with text overlay and if you insert an image into one of the square grids (which can be opened via click) or the square flash card, you are limited to the center. 

I create a PPT slide at 16:9 and set up guides to show the center point for the square images. And insert the image into the slide and position it so I get focal area. Then output the slide as an image. Of course this could be done in Photoshop. I just find it faster in PPT.

Not a perfect solution, but something that works for now.

Crystal Horn

Hello, Allison. It sounds like you are asking for a way to save images from the content library so you can make edits to them before re-inserting them in Rise 360.

If you add the images you want from the content library, you can export the course to web. In the exported files, you'll have an assets folder that contains all of the images at their original dimensions. I hope that helps!

Lucy Hood

Hi Alyssa, thanks for the reply. Its not necessarily a cropping tool, more the ability to drag the image within the default crop that articulate rise automatically applies. For example in the quote/text on image block (which has a narrow thin image as the default crop, if you upload an image from the content library, you cant change which section of the image is shown within the narrow letterbox shape.

Sharepoint has an "image focus" option where you can drag the image around to show what you want. Something similar would be a HUGE step forward. Thanks!

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