Rise: Image size in carousel / gallery

Hello, It would be very helpful to have a preselection for the image size in the carousel. Similar to what the labeled graphic offers.
If I use images from different sources without having previously edited them, Rise chooses the size very arbitrarily.

Sometimes I use the process gallery as work around, but that means I have the comments & sequential numbers below and above (it would be great if I could add the captions manually...)


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Crystal Horn

Hi there - You can crop your photo for the image carousel, but the image will always fill the carousel slot horizontally. If you crop your photo to be more of a square, the image will appear a bit taller to fill the space horizontally. If you crop your photo to have more width than height, the image will be shorter.

We don't have plans to change this behavior at this point, but if we do, we'll let you know here.