Rise: insertion of images in-line with text

Jul 26, 2019

Previous versions of Rise allowed this capability, but there seems no way to do it any longer.

Quite often, in instructional learning it is convenient to insert a small image in-line within a paragraph block as follows 

Is there anyway around it, or can it be a future feature in Rise 360?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Clive!

There was a problem in Rise 360 that allowed images to be pasted into text fields. Sadly, these images put a heavy strain on the Rise 360 database and contributed to a service outage. To prevent similar outages, we fixed the bug in our text editor, which means images can no longer be pasted into Rise 360. 

For now, you'll want to stick with using text only in text areas. We're looking at ways to make it easier to add images in a text block, and we'll keep you posted on new developments!

Clive Hands

I agree - especially where you are using a step-wise instructional which requires guidance iro which icons/menu items, etc to progressively select...

I have found that in my previous Rise courses, these in-line images just are replaced by an image no available icon...

Lina Espinosa


I just wanted to check-in and see if there was an update on this.

Like the users in this thread, I am also creating software training and need to be able to insert custom images from the software in line. I am using the workarounds listed above, but wanted to see if this was something Articulate is working on implementing.

Paul Hackett

Brilliant I just need to insert a tick ✔ in the text in Rise and was having issues, it didnt work when copy and pasting it from inserting a symbol but I went to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Check_mark and copied the ✔ (not the unicode) from there and its worked, looks so much better than just adding the the text (tick)  thank you

Penny LaLiberte

Not having this option is a show-stopper for help documents with screenshots.  Very unfortunate.  We want to put our step-by-step documents in Rise, but there is no way to get a small .png  in a table cell, in-line, or close underneath the step.  Will this ever be added?  I'm at a loss on how to convert our job aids.  Thank you.

Tom Melegh

Any updates on the availability of this functionality?

Tom Kuhlman was asking for an example, however Clive included one in his original post. Think of the development of an exercise. You have steps to perform something, and a graphic of toolbar icon is very helpful.

Here is an example.

1. Select the following text: "this functionality is important and very useful".
2. Click Text Highlight Color  .

This is a simple case where the highlighter is obvious, but in other cases it may not be, so the graphic is needed.

Please add this functionality back into Rise.

SibaPrasad Padhi

The delaying of new features implementation in Rise always having a fixed response. The simple updates like adding hyperlinks to image, Icon library that can show in all browser and devices, Audio block improvement to  add transcript text as part of it as accordion type look etc; important as part of user requirements. So along with the accessibilities we needs these features in regular intervals.  

Fraser Gordon

I hit the same issue, but on the knowledge check side of things - multiple-choice question with a supporting graphic to clarify what was being asked, but with the graphic simplified to hide the answer portion of the graphic.

After the user entered their response, we wanted to show the "completed" graphic to visually explain the answer, because it was much simpler than explaining it using just text.

With the current setup, the best I can do is drop a "Continue" button after the question followed by an image to show the answer, but then it's not really well-tied to the knowledge check question, and feels tacked-on. Would much prefer to be able to show an image as part of the answer's explanation.

Ritesh Shah

I am creating lab guides and here I need to have inline images / snippets as well as architecture images, etc. Is adding of images as inline still work in progress or not possible at this point? I have old labs which are in html format with images, and wanted to copy the same in Rise 30. Any inputs on this would be helpful.

Same for inline code addition.

Traci Synatschk

Agree with all of the above. I'm creating training that requires us to point out particular software-specific icons, warnings, etc and not being able to use inline images or resize images is very detrimental to giving a good user workflow. I know the original request here is 2 years old, is there any update on this possible addition back into rise?